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School and Camp Forms

Check-Up Appointments: The following forms that are brought in at your child’s check-up will be completed in the office at no charge:

Sport Forms
Camp Forms
College Forms
School Medical Forms
Immunization Forms
Hearing & Vision Forms

Please be mindful that a form can take up to but not exclusive to 72 hours to process. Therefor forms being filled out and returned at the same visit is not likely. The recommendation is to turn in the form to Snellville Pediatrics with time between when its due at its school, or activity etc..

Other than at the time of Check-Up: The following forms that are given to us at any other time (when the patient does NOT have a check-up) will be completed within 72 hours upon the receipt of the appropriate flat fee listed below:

Sport Forms:                           $10.00
Camp Forms:                           $10.00
College Forms:                        $10.00
School Medical Forms:            $10.00
Immunization Forms           No Charge
Hearing & Vision Forms      No Charge

The following forms must be left with our office: These forms will be completed at our earliest convenience and returned promptly:

FMLA Forms:                             $25.00
Disability:                                  $15.00
SSI:                                            $20.00
TEFRA/Katie Beckett:                $50.00
Renewal                                    $25.00

Letter of Medical Necessity: Letters will be completed within 24-72 hours upon the receipt of the appropriate flat fee listed below:

Letter (first page only):          $25.00
Additional pages:                    $5.00 per page

Medical Records: The charges associated with a release of medical records vary based upon who is requesting them. The pricing is listed below:

Released to Parents:                $25.00
Released to Physician:             $25.00
Released to Attorney:              State of Georgia sets fees
Released to Insurance:            $75.00

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