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Questions to Ask During Your Pre-Natal Visit

Each parent is different and will have different views on parenting and healthcare, but here are several questions you might want to ask during your pre-natal visit:

  1. Tell me about your providers? Will my baby see a pediatrician or a nurse?
  2. Do you have a separate waiting room for new parents?
  3. Do you have a private room where I can breastfeed my baby?
  4. How do I schedule a sick appointment and can my baby be seen on the same day?
  5. Do you have separate waiting rooms for sick and well children?
  6. Who is on-call or available to answer my questions after office hours?
  7. Do you have weekend hours?
  8. What is your philosophy on breastfeeding, vaccinations, wellness and healthy habits, and antibiotics?
  9. How do you measure my baby’s growth and development? Do you provide information about other resources, if there is an issue?
  10. Do you see babies with special needs?

As a new parent, you may have other questions, so please feel free to ask those during your pre-natal visit with us. We want you to feel comfortable with our office, our providers and our staff.

This is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent so we encourage you to schedule your pre-natal visit as soon as possible.

Call 678-775-1504 today, and we will take it from here!

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