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Do you want a 5-Star pharmacy? Look no further!!! Forest Heights wait for time isn’t even worth tracking. The quick turnaround and friendly staff put others to shame. Have a fussy kid? They provide a taste test to help ensure the kiddos take what they need to be healthy. I’ve spent too many hours in the waiting room of their competitors to then experience less than 15 minutes from submitting my prescription online to buying Modafinil and administering it. I once thought that a big chain pharmacy was the way to go in case I was traveling. Then I realized that my family’s day-to-day care FAR outweighed a little travel inconvenience. Not to mention, if I was away, I’m certain this staff would help me get what I needed.

Snell’s Pharmacy
Address: 2295 Oak Rd SW, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Phone: (770) 972-0700
Website: https://www.snellsrx.com/

I simply needed to whoop to the pharmacy the executives. Much thanks for what you do! Your client assistance is fantastic! The entire group is family and will exceed all expectations to help you with anything you may require. It’s astonishing!

My doctor called in Modafinil and another two at 415 today. We waited in line at the drive-thru for 22 mins and got to the window – not done. We were told it would be another 30 minutes to an hour. My husband waited 45 mins and went inside. He said some older man was on the floor, and all the techs were swarmed around him helping and told him it would be another 30 mins. I just called in and was told it would be 15 mins. I have ADHD, bronchitis, a sinus infection, and a double ear infection. It has been so nice to wait 3 hours to get the medications I need. I will NEVER use this Snell’s Pharmacy again. NO excuse.

CVS Pharmacy
Address: 1938 Scenic Hwy S, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Phone: (770) 979-0922
Website: https://www.cvs.com/

There’s no other pharmacy I will ever switch to! They have amazing customer service, from the staff at the pharmacy to the delivery guys. I made sure all my family switched over to them! Thank you guys for all your hard work!

Actual Hell will freeze over before anyone answers the phone. I’ve spent hours upon hours trying to get someone on the phone. I even called the store manager, who didn’t care and wouldn’t help, and customer service at CVS Pharmacy to try and get the pharmacy to answer one of my phone calls. No one could get me on the phone with someone to fill a prescription. The app doesn’t work. It’s just a waste of space on my phone. If I weren’t forced to go here because of my insurance, I would have left ages ago. I need my Modafinil!

Eastside Family Pharmacy
Address: 1795 Presidential Cir, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Phone: (770) 807-0137
Website: https://www.eastsidefamilypharmacy.com/

Love how Eastside Family Pharmacy team is nice & very helpful! They make sure to call you when you are out of refills or when you need a medication ASAP. They call the doctor/clinic right away & don’t make you wait days like some other pharmacies. They also give cute little gifts just to show appreciation & you can get your medication delivered right to your door!!! I will definitely recommend my pharmacist on call to my friends & family. (:

Worst pharmacy ever. I’ve tried to have my prescription filled twice now. They keep telling me I have another insurance, but I had no problems with Modafinil at all. Still, now I can’t get the prescription that I need. The people there are rude as ever. The only one not rude is Michael. All the rest of them are rude. They tell me to call Medicaid multiple times, so I’m beyond annoyed with this place. The only reason I went there was bc it was within walking distance. Now I’m screwed on the medicine that I really need.

Walmart Pharmacy
Address: 2912 Main St W, Snellville, GA 30078, United States
Phone: (770) 225-1408
Website: https://www.walmart.com/

My pharmacist on-call cannot make our lives any easier! My mom always gets her Provigil pills on time. They’re super accessible and answer all my questions regarding her meds. I recommend their services to all my family and friends.

Absolutely the most incompetent pharmacy in Ann Arbor. Prescriptions are never ready. They don’t notify you when they are because they are never ready. Every time they blame the “automated system.” Don’t waste your time waiting in line here to find out you’re prescriptions have fallen in a black hole. You will be dead from the lack of your medications. The only reason I’m giving Walmart Pharmacy a 1 is that there is not a “0”.

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